Established in 2014, Royal Aloha Beauty spa is a home studio in Toronto. Katie, the founder, specializes in eyelash extensions and many more services.

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Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions are single eyelashes that are applied individually to your own natural eyelash to make natural lashes appear longer and fuller and to add intensity to your eyes enhancing their natural look and they are applied with FDA approved pharmaceutical grade adhesive. 


Eyelash Fill

Before receiving a new set of lashes with us, we must remove any existing extensions from other lash artists' work in order for us to accurately examine the condition of your natural lashes.  When coming for your refill appointment ensure your eyelashes are clean and free of mascara and make-up to ensure proper bonding between your natural lashes and lash extensions.

Eyelash extensions may fall off due to negligent care by client or fallen off due to the life cycle of natural lashes. Do not worry if you have seen 2 or more eyelashes that have fallen out. We normally lose 2 to 5 natural lashes everyday without noticing. To keep your lashes looking fresh, we recommend to schedule your refill appointment every 2 to 3 weeks to replace any lashes that may have fallen off within that time period.


Eyelash Extensions After Care Guide

Do not excessively rub, tug, pull or play with the lash extensions. 

This will cause damage to your natural lashes

Do not use any oil –based eye products around the eye or on the lash line.

Oil based products will dissolve the bonding agent of eyelash extensions.

Do not use mascara, this will cause your extensions to come off 

Do not come in contact with extreme heat, such as blow dryers, lighters, tanning beds etc...

Extreme heat exposure can loosen the curl of the lash extension

Do not use manual eyelash curlers, this will break both extensions and natural lashes.

Do not sleep on your stomach, this may damage your extensions if your eyelashes make contact with your pillow.

How To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

It is important to wash your lashes thoroughly each day.

This is essential to avoid the buildup of dust, makeup and natural skin oils on the lash line.

The buildup could lead to potential skin problems and also could effect the durability of eyelash adhesive.

Wash your lashes daily with oil free face wash

-Use only water based (oil free) eye make-up and eye make-up remover

- Use a Q-tip to gently remove eye-makeup around the eye.

Wet your eyes with warm water.

Use your ring finger or eyelash cleansing brush to gently massage your cleaning product along the lash line and eyelashes, than splash with water until all the soap is rinsed away.

Pat dry the skin around your lashes with a dry towel and allow your lashes to air dry. 

Once dry than use a disposable mascara brush to gently separate your extensions.

F.A.Q. - Eyelash Extensions

1.  What is an eyelash extension made of?

The eyelashes used for eyelash extensions are made of Synthetic, soft, and lush fibers with high gloss, matte finish or pure mink. 

2. Are lashes safe?

Yes, We only use FDA approved pharmaceutical premium grade adhesive, and we purchase them from a reputable supplier. 

3. How long do eyelash extensions last?

Your natural lashes go through a natural growth cycle. Eyelash extensions last through the length of the natural cycle of each lash. 

4. How do I care for lashes?

Eyelash extensions are very simple to maintain. Use water-based cleanser products formulated specifically for eyelash extensions. Use brushes that are designed specifically for eyelash cleaning to clean the lashes and eyelash line. Use Q-tips to gently clean eyeliner around the eye.   

5. Can I wear mascara on eyelash extensions? 

The whole purpose of getting eyelash extensions is so you won’t need any mascara. 

6. How do I prepare for the eyelash service?

Before coming for your appointment you must clean your lashes thoroughly with an eyelash cleanser to remove mascara, eyeliner and makeup. Do not use oil based makeup removers to clean your lashes prior to the application. Do not have your lashes permed or tinted prior to eyelash extensions.

7. It is safe to have eyelash extensions if my eyelashes are tinted, dyed or permed? 

Yes, it's perfectly safe.

If we have not answered one of your questions, please feel free to send a text message or call us at (647) 529-8499.

Eye Brow Extension

Eyebrow extensions which are similar to lash extensions are applied with adhesive. 

Eyebrow extensions are applied to your own natural eyebrow hairs or directly applied to the skin to create a thicker and fuller brow. 

This brow enhancement is a perfect solution for people with no brows or just want to fill in gaps and sparse spaces on their brows.

Eyebrow Extension Process

The Skin and Brows are cleansed with oil free cleanser.

Brows are waxed and tweezed to create desired brow shape.

Shape brow and outline where to place the brow extension.

Place the eyebrow extension to create your new brow look.

Question & Answer

How Long do eyebrow extensions last?

Eyebrow extensions are Semi - permanent beauty enhancements perfect for that special occasion.

Natural brow hairs are similar to natural eyelash hairs, they go through a natural growth cycle, they will fall out naturally on their own after completing their life cycle. 

If eyebrow extensions are applied on the eyebrow hairs, they can last anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks.

If eyebrow extensions are applied on the skin, they can last anywhere from 2 to 5 days.

Eyebrow Extension After Care Guide

Do not rub, touch, scrub, pull or brush them.

Do not apply any makeup to them

Do not apply any oil based products to them.

Tanning Preparation

Have your waxing/shaving done at least 24 hours (ideally 48 hours) before spray tan appointment.

If a manicure or pedicure is desired, be sure to have them done 24 hours before your appointment.

To make sure your tan lasts longer, you must exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells and oils within 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment

Moisturize skin overnight, this will prevent dryness and provide the perfect tan base.

To ensure a perfect base for your tan you must wash off all deodorants, powders, lotions, creams. perfumes, and oils the same day of your scheduled appointment.

Bring loose clothing to wear after spray tan.

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